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Turf Workz serves Saginaw and the surrounding area with reliable and honest lawn care service, landscaping service and pest control. Saginaw is located along I-75 between Bay City to the north and Flint to the south. Nestled along the Saginaw River, this community is considered part of the Great Lakes Bay area. Saginaw is a little over 18 square miles in size with a population of approximately 50,000 residents.

The history of the Saginaw area dates centuries to when the Sauk people lived in the area. They were driven out by the Chippewas who remained in the area until the French missionaries and traders started arriving in the 17th century. In 1816, the first colonial settlement was established and soon Fort Saginaw was constructed. The lumber industry helped drive the local economy throughout the 19th century but it would be a while before it truly thrived. The Saginaw area struggled to survive with the closure of Fort Saginaw followed by the Panic of 1837. What helped restart the economy and get the lumber industry going was the American expansion westward. With the need for lumber out west, Saginaw began to grow and develop. In 1859, the city was officially incorporated. However, by the end of 19th century, the lumber industry faded away.

The Michigan automobile industry helped Saginaw restart its economy once again as auto parts suppliers opened up factories to assist in the creation of cars mostly in the Detroit area. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, 12 General Motors’ plants were operating in and around Saginaw. Still a manufacturing hub, Saginaw companies have shifted their focus from automobiles to clean exports, manufacturing exports and photovoltaic technology which is the art of turning light into electricity, or as we like to call it: solar power.

Saginaw showcases a strong sense of hard work and community. Through its diversity and various cultures, there are always many great people to meet at the flavorful restaurants and cultural events. Needless to say, there are lots of things to experience in Saginaw. Right along the Riverfront in Saginaw, residents and visitors will have plenty of options all year round including the middle of winter. The scenic beauty of the water along with the natural settings nearby and downtown buildings makes it a relaxing place to sit back and people watch. You can also fish which includes ice-fishing at the Shiver on the River event held annually, cruise down the waterway, leisurely walk along the Saginaw Riverwalk, or stroll down the pier.

Summers are great in Saginaw thanks to its parks including the Celebration Square Splash Park and Celebration Square Skate Park; perfect for spending those summer days. Playing in the massive splash park seems more ideal than managing your lawn. It is just one of the ways Turf Workz can help you maintain a nice property without you having to expend the energy. In the wintertime, folks of all ages gather around Hoyt Park at one of the largest outdoor skating rinks in the area. Hoyt Park also features softball fields and paths for hiking, biking and jogging. It is conveniently located next to the Children’s Zoo – a 10 acre zoo with over 70 animal species. Some of the amazing animals you get to see are:
●    Grey kangaroos
●    Llamas
●    Penguins
●    Horses
●    Monkey

Saginaw is home to two museums that you will have to check out with your family. The Mid-Michigan’s Children Museum gives your child the chance to explore over 16,000 feet of hands-on museum space. Designed specifically for children under the age of 10, this museum is sure to jumpstart your child’s imagination while providing a great educational foundation. The other museum in Saginaw is the Castle Museum. Located in the historic castle on Federal Avenue, the Castle Museum showcases over 100,000 artifacts spread across its three floors of museum space. Looking to explore the incredible history of Saginaw? You will want to check out this museum.

Residents in and around Saginaw head down to the Farmers Market for fresh, locally grown produce as well as to check out the many vendors who have made this a successful market. The Farmers Market is a marvelous tradition that has been a staple in Saginaw for over 50 years. Some of the items the vendors sell include:
●    Fresh foods for lunch
●    Handmade crafts
●    Herbs
●    Breads and baked goods
●    Flowers

With all the wonderful things to experience inside the city of Saginaw, do not waste away a weekend afternoon trying to manage your lawn care or ornamental care at your home. At Turf Workz, we can provide a comprehensive and customized approach to your lawn and landscaping so that when you come home from the Dow Event Center or Children’s Zoo, you can smile proudly at the lush green lawn and canopy of beautiful leaves on your trees.

Give Turf Workz a call today and see the difference you get in your lawn when you truly get what you pay for.