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Give your lawn the works with Turf Workz of Auburn MI. When you invest in quality lawn care you will surely see the results you want and you will see the difference when you actually are getting what you pay for. Many lawn companies will take a blanket approach to lawn care but, with Turf Workz, we create a comprehensive program to manage your lawn care needs and ensure your grass is receiving the right amounts of fertilizer at the right times so your lawn can thrive, not just survive. Enjoying a lush green lawn is achievable and manageable; allow our technicians to give you the grass you deserve.

At Turf Workz, along with our lawn care in Auburn MI, we offer a variety of services to accommodate the property of our customers. These services include:
●    Lawn fertilization
●    Weed control
●    Tree and shrub care
●    Aeration and overseeding
●    Root feeding
●    Tree injections
●    Landscaping

We also provide licensed pest control services to keep the insects from damaging your lawn and landscaping as well as entering your home. Some of our insect control includes:
●    Perimeter pest control
●    Spider spraying
●    Grub control

The owner of Turf Workz started working in the lawn care industry in 1997 on the side. He provided lawn care for a few lawn treatment companies and his joy for helping others achieve their lawn care goals prompted his certification for fertilizer. In 2001, he opened his own company with the mission of treating each customer honestly and fairly, and to giving them the best lawn care service available. His dedication to servicing the community also comes in the form in his being a firefighter.

At Turf Workz, we have a steady mix of residential and commercial properties that we provide lawn treatment for. No job is too big or small for our lawn care company. We work with homes, businesses and even churches to provide them with aesthetically pleasing grass, trees and shrubs.

We are unique in that we are a local company and not part of a franchise like so many of the other lawn treatment companies. Our family owned and operated business means that when you call in, you can reach the owner. In fact, the owner generally is the one to come out to your home and does the estimates. Believe it or not, he will answer the phone to address any issues. One of the reasons folks recommend our services to their friends, families and neighbors is because they feel we actually care about their needs. We do. And so we are committed to providing the best lawn care service available in and around Auburn MI.

We maintain all the licenses and certifications required by the state of Michigan to provide our tree, shrub and lawn treatment as well as pest control. Some of these certifications and licenses include:
●    3A - Turf Grass Pest Management License
●    3B – Plants and Shade Tree Pest Management
●    6 – Right of Way Pest Management
●    7A – General Pest Management

We are constantly recertifying as required, but we are not just retesting for the sake of maintaining a license. Our technicians are constantly going through education classes throughout the season in order to gain additional knowledge or to learn about new products and best practices. We take our education very seriously which is why many of the classes we take are through the Michigan State University program.

The products we use at Turf Workz and our mixes we create will be based on your specific lawn. We use slow release granular fertilizers and liquid weed control that are designed to keep your property in good shape. The owner or one of the highly skilled and trained specialists will be able to identify the weeds on your lawn and create a mixture on site which takes care of the problem; not all lawn companies providing weed control actually take care of every weed you may have – some weeds may cost extra.

Do you want a green lawn and vibrant landscaping? Are you particular about the grass and want your lawn to look as professionally managed as a golf course? Whatever your goals are for your lawn you can rely on Turf Workz to be there for you.