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Turf Workz loves helping folks in Frankenmuth MI make their grass greener and healthier and their plants strong and vibrant. We even can provide comprehensive pest control as well as Landscaping too. Frankenmuth is a great place to live and to visit. Located north of Birch Run and south of Saginaw, Frankenmuth is famous for its Christmas store and charming downtown area. Fondly known as “Little Bavaria” because of its deep Bavarian roots, Frankenmuth is a Saginaw County city that is 3 square miles in size with a population of approximately 5,000 residents.

The name of Frankenmuth has two origins. The first is Franken which signifies Province of Franconia in the Kingdom of Bavaria. This area is home to the German tribe: The Franks, where the original settlers in the area are from. The second part of the name: Muth, derives from the German word of “Mut” which means courage. Frankenmuth therefore means “Courage of the Franconians”. Settled in 1845, the group of Franconian settlers traveled through canals bypassing New York and taking the Great Lakes to the Detroit area. They traveled through the area until reaching the modern day area of Frankenmuth. It was not until 1904 that Frankenmuth was officially incorporated as a village and then 55 years later it became a city.

The most famous site in Frankenmuth is Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland which is considered the largest Christmas store in the world. This massive and magnificent store has helped make Frankenmuth a place where Christmas is a year round event. Set on 27 acres of property, the building of Bronner’s encompasses 7.35 acres and is so extensive that the company hires 500 employees to work during the holiday season. Anything you could possibly need to celebrate Christmas you could find at this store as well as much more. Over two million people visit Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland annually; on November 26, 1994, just under 26,000 people stepped foot into the store.

Tourism is a big drive in Frankenmuth. Along with Bronner’s the downtown area is filled with boutique stores filled with unique gifts as well as tasty treats like coffee, hot chocolate, fudge and more. There are also two famous places for Frankenmuth chicken. Zehnder’s and the Bavarian Inn offer great dining for families amid a traditional atmosphere of old world styles. For kids, there is the Zehnder’s Splash Village and Waterpark which is an indoor waterpark that is a great way to spend the day with the kids any time of the year.

In the summers, the city of Frankenmuth still thrives with plenty of events to keep tourism booming and the locals visiting downtown. Starting in the springtime, Frankenmuth hosts:
●    Bringin’ Back the 80’s in April
●    World Expo of Beer in May
●    Balloons Over Bavaria in May
●    The Summer Music Fest in August

There are many other events and festivals to the point you can rely on a fun event taking place in town almost every weekend. This includes the winter months with Christmas and holiday events to help warm you up on the frigid winter evenings. Throughout the summer on Friday nights, there is live music, street performers and fun activities for the kids.

For more activities outdoors, Heritage Park is Frankenmuth’s most well-known park. There is everything from a lake for kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, canoeing and fishing. There are also baseball diamonds, a Riverwalk pathway and playgrounds.

As you can see, there are many wonderful things to do in Frankenmuth. So, why waste time trying to keep your lawn and landscaping in good order? Let the professionals ensure you have the green lawn and lush landscaping you deserve. For both residential and commercial properties in Frankenmuth, you can count on Turf Workz to give your lawn the works with our lawn treatment and lawn care.