Lawn Care Auburn MI

Are you ready to see the difference in your lawn when you finally get what you pay for? At Turf Workz, we are dedicated to providing an honest and fair approach to your lawn care so that you can have the lush green grass and weed-free lawn you have always wanted. As a homeowner or commercial property owner, you want your lawn to look good and add curb appeal; you can trust Turf Workz to do it for you. We are a local and family owned lawn care company who believes in providing the customer with the best lawn care service imaginable. The owner of the company will frequently be the person who gives you an estimate for work and will pick up the phone if you have any issues. Customers frequently refer our lawn care services to their friends and families because we prove that we care and that we actually listen to their needs.

At Turf Workz, we do not take a cookie cutter approach to your lawn. We want your grass to be strong from the root all the way up. There are many benefits to achieving a healthy lawn beyond the beauty and aesthetics of it. A vigorous lawn is better equipped to resist weeds and manage insect problems. When your grass is healthy, grubs are less likely to feed on it which also means skunks will not be digging into your yard for them – overall damage is minimized. You have invested your hard earned money into your grass and your home so we can understand how important the appearance is. Do not let your beautiful home and property be slighted by a bad lawn. Give your lawn the works with Turf Workz.

While it may not seem like it on the surface, everyone’s lawn is unique. A lot of chain lawn companies take that blanket approach to each property and gives everyone the same products and uses the same methods regardless of the issue. We will actually survey your lawn and determine what is best to help it grow and thrive. Our technique is simple:
●    We go to the lawn
●    Look for any underlying issues
●    Determine the type of grass you have
●    Figure out what you may or may not need including how much fertilizer your lawn requires

We will also sit down with you and determine what your goals are. Do you just want a decent looking lawn? Or are you meticulous about the aesthetics and want your grass to look as pristine as a golf course? We do offer a general program which includes six applications but the truth is that some people’s grass requires less fertilization while other lawns may benefit from more broadleaf weed control or crabgrass control. This is where our honesty can benefit both you and the health of your lawn. 

At Turf Workz, we use a slow release granular fertilizer so it lasts and has the opportunity to provide a positive impact on the turf. Our specialized weed control treatments are designed to completely eliminate invasive vegetation that can steal the precious resources from your lawn. We use a liquid weed control so the plant will absorb it and take it to root structure. By adding penetrating oil and a sticker in weed control as extra additives, this will do a better job at taking care of those pesky, harder to kill weeds. Our technicians will arrive at your home with the machines needed to create a customized mixture to battle the specific weeds in your yard. At the end of the season, we provide one final treatment to your lawn to prepare it for the wintertime weather.

As we work on your lawn, we will be able to see if there are any insect problems. Surface insects require a different approach than grub control. Like so many folks we have worked for can attest, you can trust us to provide you with an honest assessment of your lawn care needs and take care of invasive insects accordingly before they cause serious harm.

Perhaps one of the least used but probably most important lawn care methods you can do to achieve that healthy grass is core aeration and overseeding. Core aeration is the process of removing small plugs of soil which will help break down loose organic material and reduce soil compaction. This helps the fertilizer, water and nutrients reach deep into the soil down to the roots of the grass, and promote strength and health. Folks who do aerations annually generally have a much healthier lawn.

Turf Works can also provide you with tree and shrub care. Just like our other services, the level of care depends on the size of the trees. For smaller trees and shrubs, we can often spray to properly manage the growth and health of the plants or remove the invasive insects destroying its ability to survive. For much larger trees, we will inject into the trunk because spraying is basically useless for helping big trees. Injecting the materials into the tree allows it to manage insects or other problems on its own. To promote vitality, we will provide different root feedings at different times of the year to maximize its efficiency.

When you use Turf Workz as your lawn treatment and tree and shrub care company, you can expect a customized and meticulous approach to lawn care. Give us a call and experience the vibrant, green lawn you have always wanted.