Perimeter Pest Control Auburn MI

Considering what you have invested in your lawn, landscaping and your home, you should be able to enjoy it without the constant annoyance of insects. With Turf Workz, you can get a comprehensive perimeter pest control plan and insecticide program so that your lawn, trees and shrubs are free of invasive insects, and your home is protected against the creepy crawlers.

Along with perimeter pest control, out technicians can also provide spider spraying so that the scariest of all pests are managed and remaining on the outside of your home. Along with spiders, earwigs are another creepy little insect that we can help keep out of your house. Our program is simple and extremely effective. The perimeter pest control involves spraying three feet up the house and three feet out from the house. We take care of all the penetration points as well as including:
●    Foundations
●    Doors
●    Basement windows
●    Dryer vents
●    Gas lines

Landscaping can cause more pests to linger closer to your house. If you have the type of landscaping which leads right from the edge of your home, insects are more likely to enter your home because of proximity. Our pest control shield will greatly reduce the number of pests entering your home because we hone in on where they live such as the mulch and shrubs in your landscaping as well as the grass and patio areas around your home. We can also help protect you by changing up your landscaping to better keep the insects further away while also maximizing the look and feel of the home. We can design and install new landscaping strategically to keep the pests away while ensuring you have plenty of curb appeal.

Another issue regarding landscaping and insects is the prevalence of the Emerald Ash Borer. This invasive beetle takes the blame for killing millions of ash trees throughout Michigan and all across the United States by feeding off parts of the tree and cutting off its nutrient supply. With our experience and education, we can spot the signs of the Emerald Ash Borer and take the appropriate steps to eradicate it from your ash trees.

With our perimeter pest control, our goal is to set up a barrier to prevent the bugs from entering the house. Once the barrier is set up, you can expect it to last generally 35-40 days but that is dependent on the weather. Since it does wash off eventually, if we receive a lot of rain, the barrier will likely provide a proper defense for the shorter period of time.

Your lawn is subject to insects as well including grubs which feed directly on the roots of your grass. If grub control is not implemented, there is a good chance these insects could kill parts of your grass. On top of that, skunks and raccoons like to dig into the grass and feed on grubs. At Turf Workz, we want you to enjoy being outdoors and allow the investment in your lawn and landscaping to be a good one; if we see any signs of grubs on your lawn, you can trust that we will bring it to your attention immediately and provide the best solution in order to save your grass.

All the technicians at Turf Workz remain current on all the necessary licenses and certifications required by the state of Michigan to provide pest control. Some of these certifications and licenses include:
●    3A - Turf Grass Pest Management License
●    3B – Plants and Shade Tree Pest Management
●    6 – Right of Way Pest Management
●    7A – General Pest Management

If you want less pests in your life, give Turf Workz a call. Our technicians will ensure you receive the highest level of perimeter pest control in order to prevent spiders, ants, bees and other bugs from bugging you.